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What is an e-Book?
An e-Book is a protected online book that can be read on any laptop or desktop computer anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection.
The e-Books have "smart links" connecting between the contents and index to the book pages in a way that allows the reader to 'jump' from an index entry or the contents to the right page in the book with a click of the mouse.
These books have an option of textual searches, text highlighting, and adding personal remarks.

The books that have an eBook version as well, can be identified by the existence of an eBook price.
Books that are available in an online version only, will have a green banner on them.
When purchasing an eBook it will become available for reading right away!

In order to get access to the book, you will need to sign in on the website with your e-mail address and password. Once you are signed in, and press on your name, you will see a link to "My eBooks". When you press on this link you will get a list of all the ebooks you have purchased.

Another option for access is to find the book on the website (after you signed in ) and press the link "Browse the book" ('דפדף בספר המקוון') that is located by the book cover photo.

 Is there a discount on eBooks?
The price of eBooks is at a 25% discount from the catalogue price.

Is it possible to to download and save the book files onto a personal computer or tablet?
The only way to access the eBooks is through an internet browser. It is not possible to download and save eBooks onto a computer or tablet.

Is it possible to print the entire book or part of it?
Due to copyright contraints it is not possible to print the book or parts of it.It is also not possible to copy and paste.

Is it possible to view Shazar eBooks on iPads, tablets or Kindles?
Currently ebooks can be accessed through an internet browser on laptops or desktop computers.
The remarks and highlights you made in the book will appear on any computer.

Is a special software needed in order to read the eBooks?
No, the book is available right after purchase without software download. 

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