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Book week 2016 in The Zalman Shazar Center
Conference: Seventy Years since the end of World War II
The 38th annual historical conference : 70 years since the end of World War II
Book Release for Yaron Harel's "The Beginnings of Zionism in Damascus"
Reception in honor of retiring director Zvi "Kuti" Yekutiel
Retirement gathering for Shazar Center Director, Mr. Zvi Yekutiel
Book Release for Yifat Weiss
Professor Yaron Harel presents his book to President Reuven Rivlin
Delegate of Youth Leaders from Tyrol visit the Zalman Shazar Center
Conference commemorating 40 years since the passing of Zalman Shazar
Book Release for Marcos Zilber's Different Nationality, Equal Citizenship!
Book Release: Studies in Hasidism, Sabbatianism and Gender: Ada Rappaport Albert
International Conference in honor of Prof. Israel Bartal's retirement
Annual Memorial Service for Zalman Shazar 21.10.2014
Workshop for researchers : Ethiopian Jewry
Memorial Service for Zalman Shazar at Har Herzl
The Israeli history competition, Eustory
World War I a Hundred Years After: Local and Global Perspectives
The Golden Age Of the Lithuanian Yeshivot in Eastern Europe, Ben-tsiyon Klibansky
Book release: Dynasty by Gadi Sagiv
Prof. Anita Shapira granting a copy of her book: "Israel: A History" to President Shimon Peres
Book release evening: Israel: A Story (in Hebrew) by Anita Shapira
Book release evening: Israel: A Story (in Hebrew) by Anita Shapira
Book release evening: Beyond the Pale by Benjamin Nathans
Book release evening: The Purse and the Sword by Daniel Friedmann
Book release evening: Studies in Jewish History: Presented to Joseph Hacker
The 39th annual memorial ceremony for Zalman Shazar z”l
Annual Memorial for Shneur Zalman Shazar, z”l, 2012
Annual Conference: Redemption of Captives, July 16–17, 2012
Concluding Event for Courses, 2011–2012
Article: Gaucho in the Synagogue: Jewish Settlements in Argentina
Memorial Ceremony for Presidents and Prime Ministers, 2012
Symposium: Thirtieth anniversary of Zachor
Book Launch: Ba‘al Ha-Tanya
Symposium: Jewish Immigration and Its Destinations
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